Components and assemblies balanced to your specifications


Large impellers are easily loaded into our balancing facility.


 The task

Unbalance is the most common cause of excessive vibrations and thus damage to bearings, foundations and the rotor itself.

Field balancing offers a number of important cost- and time-saving advantages:

• No dismantling and transporting of the rotor

• The constructional features of the machine and the effects of the mounting conditions are automatically compensated

• Rotors of almost any weight and size can be balanced

Marine turbine and compressor a

Blower wheels for air handling.

     Our Balancing Service offers with the dual-channel the following Field Balancing functions:                                                                                                     

• 1-plane balancing

• 2-plane balancing

• 1 – 2-plane balancing

with Prognosis The unbalance vibrations are measured at both planes simultaneously. *After the first test run the correction weight for 1-plane

correction is calculated as well as the anticipated residual vibrations for both measuring planes. This allows many 2-plane machines to be

balanced  to within the required tolerance by correcting at only one plane.

Large rotors balanced in accordance with ISO, API and MIL specifications

Our balancing service can handle rotors up to 10,000 pounds!

Special benefits of the BALANCING EXPERT

BALANCING EXPERT is the first to offer balancing in the shortest possible time with a minimum number of balancing runs due to

• optimisation of the residual vibrations at both bearings already after correction in one plane with “1 – 2-plane balancing with prognosis”

• Selectable compensation mode for non-linear machine behaviour, e.g. due to machine mounting

• Elimination of interference, e.g. vibrations originating from neigh bouring machine

• Storage of all relevant measurement data. Repetition of measuring runs is unnecessary

• User-friendly, dialogue-assisted operation

Wound electric armatures for automotive, power tool, and household appliance applications

Dynamic balancing for overhauled and repaired rotating components and equipment.

• Integrated balancing computer offers a choice of mass correction in polar, component or unitmass form

• Extremely selective tracking filters of 0,3 Hz to 0,01 Hz

• Simplified procedure in case of repeat balancing

• Automatic error-messaging in case of unacceptable speed variations or unsuitable test weights

• Generation of a balancing report

with it’s special software named VIBRO-REPORT.