General description
Ship Design and Research Centre provides services in range of noise measurements in maritime , accomodation and working
sites, as well as measurements of noise emission from main  and auxilary engines, industrial works and mechanical devices.

Recipient of services
Flag administration, Class notations and owner requirements demand sound measurements at berth and sea trial such as ISO 2923 ,

IMO 468 ,Solas,Airborne and impact Isulation between cabins for Comfort measurements for Yachts and passenger ships.

Purpose and effects

  •  assessment of potentially dangerous and harmful effects of noise in environment
  •  data bases for planning on noise reduction, spatial planning and data distribution on environment (with emphasise on urban areas)
  •  data bases for assessment of existing, past and future acoustic climate of aglomeration based on noise indexes
  •  reducing of noise emission on mechanichal parts.

Range of work
Full scope of the services includes:

  •  measurement of noise in accomodation and working areas as well as emission noises of industrial devices,
  •  noise forecasts in designing process based on AutoSEA2 computer program,
  •  periodical measurements of environmental noise of airfields, roads, railway and tram lines, shipyard and port devices,
  • on-site measurement for limitation noise emission from roads and junctions,
  • elaboration of prognosis on reducing hazardous noise areas, accomodation and working sites,
  •  troubleshooting of noise emission in working sites and of mechanical devices,
  •  expertises, companies environmental inspections and consulting on preparation for environmental management system certification

according to ISO 14001 standard,

  • analyses of reduction existing noises, elaboration of the technical reports.

Monitoring and noise measurements are carried out according to the following directives and standards:


  • ISO 3744 or ISO 3746
  • according to ISO 11202-1 (1995).ISO 11202 – 1, 1995 – Acoustic – Noise emitted by machinery and equipment – Measurement ofemission sound pressure levels at a work station and at other specified positions


Measurements of sound pressure levels should be carried out using “Type 1” precision integrating sound

level meters, and should met the following specifications:

- IEC 60651 Type 1, Sound level meters (superseded by IEC 61672-1 and 61672-2).

- IEC 60804 Type 1, Integrating, averaging sound level meters (superseded by IEC 61672-1 / 2).

- IEC 61672 Part 1, 2002, Electro-acoustic -sound level meters, specifications.

- IEC 1260 – 2001, Octave-band and fractional-octave-band filters.

Octave filter set, when used alone, or in conjunction with a sound level meter, as appropriate, shall

conform to the acceptable standard.

Measurement microphones shall be of the random incidence type and shall meet the acceptable standard

to the Administration.

Noise levels on board :

Measurement of noise levels should take place under the operating conditions. The main machineries

shall be run at normal design service speed and rating power.

All auxiliary machinery, instruments and equipment normally, or likely to be, in use at any time shall

operate throughout the measurement period.

Measurements in spaces containing emergency diesel generator, diesel fire & spray pump, fire and spray

pumps, emergency fire pump and equipment that would normally be run only in emergency, or for test purposes,

shall be taken with the equipment operating. Adjoining spaces need not be measured with such equipment

operating, unless it is likely that the equipment will be operated for periods other than those mentioned above.

Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning equipment should be in normal operation, taking into

account that the capacity should be in accordance with the design conditions.

Doors and windows should in general be closed but they should be open in spaces where this is the

normal condition.

Spaces should be furnished with all necessary equipment. Measurements without soft furnishings may

be made but no allowance should be made for their absence.