Power Measurements on shaft

General description
VM Consultancy provides services in the range of ship sea trials and on-board measurements at harbour and at sea,
expertises and optimization offers referring to shipís operational use, based on the executed analyses and measurements. The services are
carried out world-wide.

Recipient of services
Class societies, shipyards and vessel owners

Range of work
The offer includes execution of following measurements:

  • ship speed and manoeuvrability
  • power of propulsion shaft
  • torsional, flexural and longitudinal vibration of ship transmission system
  • local vibration of accomodation and ship equipment
  • global vibration of hull construction and ship superstructure
  • noise in accomodation and working areas
  • structure-borne sound
  • acoustic rate of noise sources and acoustic insulation of ship’s divisions
  • illumination in accomodation and working areas
  • pull-tests