Recipient of services
The offer is addressed to class societies, shipyards, vessel and marine object owners

Range of work
The offer includes execution of the following measurements:

  • global vibration of hull construction and ship superstructure
  • torsional, flexural and longitudinal vibration of ship transmission systems
  • local vibration in accommodation and of ship equipment (diagnosis and optimization)
  • global and local vibration of other marine objects
  • resistance to vibrations, impacts and shocks
  • simultaneous tests (with the use of mathematical models) as well as tests enabling determination of the dynamic characteristics of structures 
  • based on sinusoidal and impact excitations
  • static-dynamic computing analyses of propulsion shaft power systems
  • impact and seismic response

Vibration and impact resistance tests of structures and devices that may be exposed to vibrations and impacts during its operation aim at the
experimental checking of degree of strength resistance of a specific structure or device to vibrations, impacts or seismic shocks.
The following excitations are used during the tests:

  • sinusoidal excitation of constant or continuous variable frequency 
  • half-sinusoidal impact excitations
  • sinusoidal impulses of variable amplitude and frequency
  • random signals

The report on measurements brings the complete evaluation of torsional shafting vibrations giving comments on limitations for propulsion
system operation by indicating the barred speed range for the continuous functioning. It also offers the execution of the other parametersí
measurements being characteristic for the propulsion system operation such as longitudinal vibrations, torque, capacity and rotational
speed. The measurement of signals collected rotating elements is carried out and performed with the use of Kyma , Binsfeld and NI equipment.
Portable computers coupled with A/D cards and our own highly specialised programs provide enhanced performance for data recordings and
Methods of test’s realization :

  • single-channel and multi-channel, single-axial and multi-axial tests
  • impact tests
  • frequency tests