Partnership and Cooperation

VibroTeh is a company from Croatia, specializing in machine and device diagnostics.

Some of the services they provide are listed below. Please click to see their website and full range of services.

1. Measurement and analysis of physical quantities (stress, vibration, torque, power, temperature, etc.) or setting up permanent monitoring for the same.

2. Detection of machinery problems such as: rotor imbalance, eccentricity of the shaft, misalignments, bearing condition, joint failure, resonances, poor foundation, changes in structural stiffness (cracks).

3. Ship’s hull and superstructure vibration measurement, power shaft measurement, additional torsional stress measurement, vibration accommodation measurement (Croatian Register of Shipping certificate)

4. Rotor balancing in own bearings (without disassembly). We reduce vibration amplitudes, ensure smoother operation of the machine, reduce shutdowns, as well as the total cost of repairing the problem.